Planned Livelihoods for Economic Development & Global Equity


The lead actors within Pledge Ghana have rich experience from years of work as extension service/field workers in the cocoa, citrus and cashew sectors; business, labor and livelihoods training consultants for both IFC and ILO; quality control supervisory services for small holder farmers’ cooperatives such as Kuapa Kokoo under Fairtrade Certification.

We work based on National and international policy and development frame works, such as GSGDA I & II, NPA, ESMF, MDGs, UNCEDAW and ILO Conventions etc, as guiding frameworks. Pledge Ghana brings together various sector-oriented concepts to address the livelihood issues in a more coordinated and sustainable fashion. This approach harmonizes and draws on best practices and lessons learnt.

Pledge Ghana has a strong and dedicated workforce with the capacity to work and operate anywhere in Ghana. We also believe with shared interest, stronger partnerships and co operation, a basket full of successful outcomes can be guaranteed.

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