Planned Livelihoods for Economic Development & Global Equity

About us

PLANNED LIVELIHOODS Pledge Ghana is an acronym for Planned Livelihoods for Economic Development and Global Equity. This is a gender/child-centered, economic/development-oriented, research-base non-profit non-governmental organization formed in Ghana. Pledge Ghana is established to provide a collaborative and coordinated response to build, promote and sustain household livelihoods Pledge Ghana is incorporated under the registrar of companies in Ghana, with Certificate number, CG013522012 and commencement certificate number C0000665142.

Pledge Ghana is recognized to operate as a non-profit NGO with certificate number DSW/5927. Pledge Ghana facilitates safe and supportive livelihoods environments where children and women including rural adolescent mothers (young girls) and vulnerable youth can maximize life’s opportunities, including those of survival and education for development. We provide necessary information and planned livelihood services to families and communities affected by and infected with poverty.

Planned Livelihood is a deliberate and systematic manipulation of the factors influencing ones’ income activities for a desired outcome. Using the sustainable livelihoods approach (SLA), Pledge Ghana draws on the main factors that affect people's livelihoods and the relationships between these factors. These inform the planning of our development activities and in assessing the contributions to sustaining livelihoods. We work within frameworks that help in understanding the complexities of poverty, and set principles that guide interventions for overcoming poverty.

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